Need help successfully planting trees and shrubs? Here’s a great  planting guide for your trees and shrubs!

How-To Guide:

  • Dig a hole 1 ½ 2 times as wide as the root ball and 4-6” deeper.
  • Examine the soil you have removed from the ground. If you have “poor soil,” blend two parts native soil with one part compost.
  • Next, backfill your hole with the soil mix so that when your plant is placed in the hole, it will sit ½ -1” above the existing ground level.
  • Set the root ball in the center of the hole and lightly pack more soil mix around the root ball until the hole is halfway full.
  • We recommend adding Mycorrhizal tablets and mix it lightly with the soil (the more contact the Mycorrhizal has with the roots, the better.
  • Finish backfilling the hole and water thoroughly.
  • After the water has soaked into the soil, pour the recommended amount of mixed Root Stimulator® around the plant. Repeat application two more times 7-10 days apart. Below are the recommended quantities of Root Simulator® according to the size of the plant.

Pot Size

Mixed Solution

1 gal 1 pint
2 gal 1 quart
5 gal 1 gallon
7-10 gal 2 gallons
15-20 gal 3-5 gallons


Water requirements vary according to seasons and soil types – There is no set rule of thumb. To check the root ball’s moisture, place your fingers into the soil and feel the covered root ball. If the soil feels dry, water the plant thoroughly. If the soil feels too wet, stop watering and check the soil again in a few days. The soil should feel damp, not dry, OR soaking wet. REMEMBER, continual over-watering can be as damaging as under-watering. If you are still unsure about watering, please call the nursery.


If your tree is planted in an area of high wind or is over 8 feet tall, it should be staked. Use a stretch tie to avoid damaging the trunk. See picture for proper technique.

B&B Special Note

The top of the burlap ball should be at or just above your natural ground level. Remove visible twine and burlap after the plant is established (approximately 6 months-1 year).