Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start Planning for Spring! 

While spring may be months away, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your dreams, your plans, and your spring gardening or landscaping plans in order, now! 

It’s winter here in the Treasure Valley, and this is what you can continue to expect; an inversion, muddy trails, slippery roads, intermittent snow, and daydreaming about warmer days to come. 

But that doesn’t mean that you need to put your gardening and landscaping aspirations on hold until the willows start budding! In fact, the doldrums and blahs of winter create the perfect pause in your year to plan ahead, and even start clearing the path for a brighter and greener outdoor space, today! 

Here’s what you can accomplish, while the mud, snow and grey are still having their way. 

  1. Catch up on your fall (or even spring of last year!) clean up. 

In between bouts of snow, and especially on those milder Treasure Valley days,  take this time to rake, stack, and haul off those piles of clippings and leaves that you didn’t quite get to when you had originally planned. The same goes for debris, construction refuse, or anything else taking up space in your backyard, back 40 or garage. 

  1. Get your equipment in order. 

Didn’t get your lawnmower winterized? Know the blade needs sharpened or replaced? Now is a good time to get things cleaned up, winterized and ready to go to work when summer comes back around. 

  1. Don’t just dream, plan! 

When the warm weather and long days roll in, spring will be gone and summer will be here before you know it! So start researching, shopping, and planning now for your summer vegetable garden, flowers, annuals, perennials, fruit trees, shade trees, ornamentals and more! Don’t let another year pass you by because you ran out of time. P.S., we have the seeds, and seed starting kits you need to make this happen, too! 

  1. Get the expert advice you need to know where to grow, where to plant, and when. 

Some like it hot, some like it shady, some love a little of both. The soil may be perfect for roses on this side of your home, but not so much on the other side. You’ve got plenty of time now to ask the right questions, and get expert advice! Come by our greenhouse and let’s get your summer plans mapped out. 

  1. Dreams of spring can help bolster your mood! 

The lack of sun, the inversion, the cold, the grey, the short days…winter can be a hard time of year to keep your spirits up! The inspiration and motivation that you will get from browsing through all the different flowers, vegetables, fruits and more that you’re going to be planting and enjoying this year is just the perfect pick me up, no matter how frightful the weather may be outside. 

Ready to start creating the outdoor space of your dreams? We’re here to help you not only plan for, but ensure that you have the right plants plotted for the right parts of your property, and that they will thrive! 

Visit us to start making this the best summer ever!