Your Fall Bulb and Rhizome Planting Guide. 


When we think about planting flowers, spring is usually the first thing that comes to mind. But fall is the perfect time to plant several varieties of perennial flower bulbs so that they can pop up next spring and shake the winter doldrums off, fast! 


Don’t let another fall slip past without doing yourself the incredible favor of beautiful flowers next year when the snow melts and the days start to get longer. 


Here is a list of flowers that you can plant this fall, for a spectacular spring: 


  1. Hyacinth 
  2. Daffodils  
  3. Crocus 
  4. Tulips 
  5. Iris 
  6. Snow Drops
  7. Anemone


Here’s how to plant your bulbs and rhizomes for the best results: 


-If your soil is dry, water it the day before so that it’s workable, but not muddy. 

-Plant your bulbs when it’s still 40-50 degrees outside at night so that they get a chance to establish themselves before the frost comes.

-In general, plant your bulbs two times deeper than their height, and two bulb widths apart (from center to center. 

-Plant the bulbs with their basal plate or roots at the bottom of the hole.

-Plant your rhizomes horizontally, but with their roots pointing down (but not too deep!). 

-Make sure to plant your fall-blooming crocus for next year too; you’ll thank yourself! 


Here are some tips to keep in mind: 


  • Make sure that you don’t plant your bulbs and rhizomes too deep, or they will take longer to pop up, or may not at all. 
  • Make sure that your soil is well-drained but well watered. 
  • Some species require different planting depths and spacing, so always double-check. 
  • Bulbs and rhizomes need sunlight to grow, some more than others so always ensure that you’re planting them in the right spots. 
  • You don’t want your bulbs to touch one another and make sure not to plop them in upside down. 


We love flowers like hyacinth, irises, and tulips that are both hardy, beautiful, AND easy to grow. There are so many different varieties, colors, and types to complement or contrast with the rest of your landscaping, or even the color of your home. Go wild, and pick something bold, and beautiful. 


If you have any questions about planting your bulbs or rhizomes for next spring, come by the nursery!