Summer activities are drifting off and things are cooling down. Turning leaves, pumpkin patches and hot chocolate are what’s on our mind. Fall is a time for us to settle in and slow down. The natural world around us feels this too as nature begins to focus its energies inward for hibernation and dormancy for the coming winter weather.

As deciduous trees turn their attention away from blooming, they begin to shed their leaves and weak branches. Fruit trees, for example, are best planted in the fall. Planting during fall reduces the chance of a tree having transplant shock and gives them enough time to establish themselves before refocusing their energy on growth and blooming in the spring.

Adams Gardens currently has a variety of fruit trees, shrubs and other fall plants and landscaping on sale. Before selecting your tree choose a spot in your yard that allows 15 to 20 feet of space. When you are ready to plant your tree, remember to remove the container. For fertilization, use a root stabilizer. Do not use high nitrogen for the first year. Don’t worry about babying your tree during winter, it will be dormant. However, pay attention to moisture during the winter. If there is not adequate rain or snow during a month, add 5 gallons of water to the tree.

Stop by Adams Garden and one of our experts can help you with more fall planting advice.