Loosen soil and add compost and a little soil sulfur to neutralize ph.  Wait to separate cloves the day of planting.  Plant 4-6 weeks before hard frost (about mid October).  Plant cloves pointed side up 2-3 inches below soil surface.  5-8 inches apart. Smooth surface soil and add 2-4 inches of mulch.  Keep moist but not wet.  To ensure good bulb size, remove scape as it begins to curl in summer.

A variety of Garlic bulbs arrive end of September for your Fall planting.

Harvest, Curing, and Storage

When plant has 3-5 mostly green leaves at the top of the plant with the rest dried out it is time to harvest.  Dig bulbs, remove excess soil, and immediately move to a cool shaded area.  Do not bruise or sunburn bulbs.  To cure bulbs hang them, with roots intact, in a well ventilated shaded place for 3-5 weeks.  Bulbs are cured when you can cut stem an inch above bulb with no moisture.  Cut roots to a ¼ inch and clean bulb.  Store bulbs at room temperature with about 60% humidity.  Do not put in a plastic bag or in the refrigerator.  Consume delicious garlic beginning with varieties that have the lesser shelf life.