All About Garlic

All About Garlic


1) Chesnok Red

A highly flavorful variety that is a purple striped hardneck.  Considered to be one of the best for cooking.  Great for baking and easy to peal large cloves.

2) Early Italian

An easy to grow softneck variety.  Prolific and long storing (up to 10 months).  Larger cloves than most softnecks widely adaptable.

3) Italian Purple Garlic

Softneck variety.  Large cloves with mild flavor that intensifies the longer it is stored.  Prolific and long storing.

4) Inchellium

Award-winning softneck variety. Large vigorous bulbs. Rich and robust flavor with medium spiciness. Eat raw or cooked. Long keeping.

5) Korean Red

A medium sized hardneck variety.  Hot and spicy flavor.

6) Musik

Popular hardneck variety. Produces Big bulbs up to 6 oz.. Flavor is classic garlic, zesty but not hot-hot.

7) Spanish Roja

One of the most popular hardneck varieties.  Large bulbs grow well in colder climates.  Full rich garlic flavor with a spicy kick.

8) Tucker

A new introduction that we are still learning about.


Loosen soil and add compost and a little soil sulfur to neutralize ph.  Wait to separate cloves the day of planting.  Plant 4-6 weeks before hard frost (about mid October).  Plant cloves pointed side up 2-3 inches below soil surface.  5-8 inches apart. Smooth surface soil and add 2-4 inches of mulch.  Keep moist but not wet.  To ensure good bulb size, remove scape as it begins to curl in summer.


Harvest, Curing, and Storage

When plant has 3-5 mostly green leaves at the top of the plant with the rest dried out it is time to harvest.  Dig bulbs, remove excess soil, and immediately move to a cool shaded area.  Do not bruise or sunburn bulbs.  To cure bulbs hang them, with roots intact, in a well ventilated shaded place for 3-5 weeks.  Bulbs are cured when you can cut stem an inch above bulb with no moisture.  Cut roots to a ¼ inch and clean bulb.  Store bulbs at room temperature with about 60% humidity.  Do not put in a plastic bag or in the refrigerator.  Consume delicious garlic beginning with varieties that have the lesser shelf life.

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