1. Rob says

    Only the one variety of fig this year? What is the price for them, and are they good for Boise?

  2. Martin says

    Are peach, apricot, & nectarine trees still available? I live in Mountain Home which I believe is zone 5.

  3. Marie Robertson says

    Do you ever get almond trees in stock? I have tried several from mail order but have not had success with that.

  4. Martha says

    PS to prior question: the list of trees, if available. Apricot Tomcot; peach Reliance; pear Warren; Asian pear 20th Century; fig Violetta de Bourdeaux; Mission olive. Kind thanks.

  5. Tamara W says

    I love how you have listed your trees and the info on each. Great job. Can you order a 3 or 4 in in 1 peach semi- dwarf that includes a donut peach?

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